👋. I’m Jan Kratochvíl, from Prague.

I work at Doist, a fully-remote company working on productivity apps for individuals and teams. Our products are Todoist and Twist.

My current work is leading a team of talented developers to build an ecosystem around Todoist and Twist. We’re also partnering with lots of great partners to find value for customers we can unlock through integrating our products.

Doist has been an early company on remote work, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of solving remote-specific challenges that not many companies have struggled with before us.

On the personal side, I’m excited about all things Japan. To help me learn the vocabulary and keep my dev skills sharp, I’m working on a Japanese language learning app Kotobaten, written in ASP .NET Core and Typescript + React.

Headshot image stylization by Stephen Barkan.

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